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A luxury brand founded by Holly Peterson

"In the past, I would be super excited to find a beautifully made luxury tee~shirt that I could wear with everything day or night. I would wear the tee~shirt relentlessly until it was time to be replaced; sadly, the tee would be from a season past or a collection no longer available. I needed to be able to replenish my favorite luxury tee~shirt all year round so I embarked on the journey to create a feminine, iconic tee that is essential to our wardrobes."
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FITE luxury was born in 2017. 
Obsessed with the power of fashion, we design feminine, flattering and touchable luxury tee~shirts that inspire every woman to always look her best.
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Feminine Iconic Tee that is Essential
FITE luxury is proud to weave our beautiful fabrics in Los Angeles and keep all production right here in California. This commitment enables us to ensure you receive the beautiful tee~shirt's you deserve.

A California native, I thrived in San Francisco for twenty two years before moving to London in 2009. My husband, myself and our then 3 year old twins enjoyed seven exciting years in London proper before making our way back home to the Golden Gate. We are thrilled to be back in San Francisco where we call the home of FITE luxury HQ.

 “The foundation of an effortless wardrobe, your FITE luxury tee will take you anywhere in the world in style”

Washable Cashmere. Everyday & Everywhere.

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